WordPress, GoDaddy & Windows 7

Alright, my first post. I was pretty tired today so I spent a bunch of time bullshitting on the computer while watching the West Wing. I started by downloading the 64-bit version of Windows 7 which I found didn’t work on my MacBook although I’m virtually certain the dual-core in my MacBook has a 64-bit processor (which I would assume can be confirmed by the fact that in the past I’ve successfully run the 64-bit version of Ubuntu).

Anyhow, as I was downloading the 32-bit version of Windows 7 I decided to install WordPress on my GoDaddy account. In the process I found that my incredibly cheap GoDaddy account now has SSH support. I had to delete my MySQL databases before I could enable SSH. At this point apparently they moved my account to another server. Anyhow, then I installed WordPress on my web server. It was incredibly easy so here we are.

Finally, the 32-bit copy of Windows 7 had finished downloading so I began installing it. The install was surprisingly quick, taking probably 20 minutes, perhaps 25 minutes at the max. So far, I’ve found the OS to be pretty compelling and have had virtually no problem with it. The only one issue I’ve had is with sound. While the operating system believes that the sound driver is working properly, no sound can be heard. Doing a quick search I found out there’s a newer Realtek driver that can be used. I’m downloading it now so hopefully it will fix everything.

For a first beta, Windows 7 seems to work incredibly well. The operating system runs faster than Vista on my computer with way prettier graphics. Internet Explorer 8 in Windows 7 is also surprisingly good although it has some issues rendering certain websites (including this WordPress administrative page).

So far Windows 7 seems to be what Windows Vista wanted to be. Although Vista was a vastly more stable operating system, it was marketed poorly and towards computers not truly able to handle it. Thus, people experienced poor performance. Additionally, with all of the pretty eye candy Apple has been able to throw out and market appropriate and even the sweet looking graphics one can now get in Linux, particularly in workstation distributions like Ubuntu, Vista needed to look and feel a whole lot smoother and prettier.

Windows 7 seems to make up for these shortcomings. It’s prettier to look at and smoother. There are several improvements to the user experience in the form of UI changes as well. Overall, Microsoft has done a good job. I’m interested to see how the rest of my experience with the OS goes and how the OS progresses through the beta stages up to release. While I have not seen Snow Leopard yet, from what I’ve read it seems that Apple and Microsoft have switched places in their latest iterations of the operating systems. Snow Leopard is supposedly not adding any features or making and big user experience changes, something we saw in Windows Vista. Quite the bizarre move after pounding Microsoft in their marketing campaign for, among other things, doing exactly that.