blessthefall w/ the Cover-Up, the Word Alive, Lower Definition, and Before You Fled

Last night was the big blessthefall show at the Marquee. Featuring two bands to kick out singer Craig Mabbit, one very recently, a lot of what the show was about was to prove to fans that without Mabbit, they’re still good. Overall, they did just that: now, the play by play.

I showed up late and thus missed Before You Fled but I won’t lie, I’m not too broken up about it. Perhaps once I check out their myspace I will be but thusfar I don’t care. I did get a chance to catch all of Lower Definition’s set. I’d listened to them on while jumping around their recommendations one day and thought they sucked. Upon further reconsideration after seeing them live, I’m now 100% certain that they do suck. However, it was partially the sound guy’s fault last night as the levels made their collective sound muddy.

The Word Alive were next on the bill, fresh from kicking out Mabbit. This is their second or third show without him and with their new singer, Telle Smith, formerly of Greeley Estates. Telle has a surprisingly good voice. I’m not sure it’s as good as Mabbit’s for the band but he does a good job filling in. The band’s new songs with Smith are alright but not as good as the few originals from their myspace. They only played 5 or 6 songs but they got the crowd going and everyone including myself seemed to generally enjoy it.

The Cover-Up were crazy intense as always. They’re really pretty good but hard to take seriously given how it’s the genre is led almost entirely by kids even younger than me. The Cover-Up look like a bunch of late twenty- early thirty-somethings. Last night rocking glasses the lead singer looked even older than usual. It was a pretty good set but didn’t get the crowd going as much as the Word Alive.

Finally, blessthefall took the stage opening with a new song that hasn’t even been put on their myspace yet. Smart move given that everyone was so excited for them to take the stage they didn’t care that they couldn’t sing along. Their new singer is really much better than Mabbit but isn’t really a screamer. Jared fills in pretty well screaming but he’s not as good. Overall, they might be better off without Mabbit but we’ll see. They mainly played oldies but played a couple more new ones as well including To Hell and Back, probably the highlight of the show. However, playing maybe only 8 songs they were somewhat of a lame headliner.

The show was fun and pretty good to get good and beer-drunk to, although it’s likely that I was one of only 40 or so people in the crowd of age to get drunk and only have of us were likely not hardcore Christian / straight-edge. The crowd was pretty nice sized but not as big as I thought it’d be with the top three bands on the bill being from Phoenix. That said, the Marquee is huge and many people using its size to spread out and make what was the largest, most open mosh pit I’ve ever seen.

Overall, it was a good show, and it will be interesting to see how it compares to the Mabbit-led Escape the Fate which will be at the Marquee early next month. Who will bring the bigger crowd? Only time will tell.

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