Boston – Day 1

It took way too long to get here (30 minute delay, 5.5 hour flight, 1.5 waiting in the airport prior to delay) but at least I got some sleep on the flight. Watched some more West Wing. Michael’s friends and girlfriend are all cool. Played beer pong and smoked in the garden area of the boston common. It appears that’s where all Emerson students go as we saw 3 other groups there, all about 5 people or more. Pretty silly. The school is tiny, like 6 buildings, all high rises. The dorms are nice but security is intense. Food looks crappy but haven’t eaten it yet. Ate a shitty burrito and some good late-night New York pizza. Went to sleep. Hoping to see Trey Parker and Matt Stone speak today with Mikey and his friends however it may be a bit tricky given that I need to be an Emerson student. Hopefully it’ll be as easy as at Wash U to get me in but who knows.

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