Home Alone

I’ve been sick for days and trying to rest up and get better. I think it’s finally starting to take although my voice still sounds like a cross between a horror movie villain and pubescent boy. I’ve watched like 8 or 9 movies and even more cable news than usual all from bed over this time and now I’m going positively stir crazy. I’ve been cleaning my condo just to keep myself from going completely insane and keeping my muscles from atrophying from inactivity.

Today’s been the worst, especially since the weather outside looked absolutely beautiful during the afternoon. Plus, I’ve been alone since Erica’s been at work. I practically don’t even know what to do with myself anymore. Leave a comment if you have any suggestions about what you do when you’re home alone for long periods of time. I could use some advice.

At least tonight I think I’m probably going to see Where the Wild Things Are. I think I might write a review or contrast it with the Dave Eggars novel afterward. There’s something that still touches me about this story. Plus, Maurice Sendack is a bad ass for telling parents who think the movie is too scary that he thinks the can go to hell.

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