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Boston – Day 3

Friday was fun. Trey Parker and Matt stone got canceled. Mikey’s whole Emerson crew were not pleased but also not surprised (I suppose stoners understand that other stoners flake). Anyhow, after that Mikey and Hannah took me around the city a bit to Quincy Market and Newbury Comics and some other places they like.

After that we just hung out some as Mikey did some work. Then I went out with Devina. Devina took me around Boston some more… down Newbury Street and to McCreedy’s or something which is the first sports bar in the US. It was fun just catching up and talking about how much life has changed since school and even how different it was when I was there just as a super-senior. Eventually, Devina needed to get back to try and get some work done so I went back to Emerson and hung out with Mikey and his gang again until it was time to sleep.

Saturday Mikey treated me to his school’s brunch which was definitely not quite fantastic but not horrible either. I’d heard the food here was pretty bad but it seems ok, just not much variety and nothing’s particularly great. Afterwards I went and saw Revolutionary Road with him and his friends. The movie was great, incredibly depressing, but great and made me worry a bit about getting older. I don’t want to get sucked into a boring, suburban, ultra-predictable lifestyle…

Later, I went out to dinner with Mikey, and my two cousins Alex and Elana. I hadn’t seen Elana since our cousin Adam got married during the summer before my junior or senior year of high school. Note: Adam has since divorced, so pretty weird that that was our last occasion. Alex I hadn’t seen since I was a freshman or something in high school. He’d just started college at Mass Art. So he was 18 or 19 then… now he’s 26. Afterwards, I went out to the Pour House, another bar on Boyleston with my cousin Elana and her friend from the organization she works for, City Year. We had fun out together but eventually they needed to hop on the train back to where they lived so I said goodbye and walked home.

Today I was supposed to go with Mikey to see our Aunt Liz and Uncle Victor but Victor came down with something and now has a fever. Thus, we’re not going over. Mikey has homework and I don’t want to distract him so I have no idea what I’ll do today. I might go out on my own just to get out, do some thinking, see some more of the town and take some pictures, but I dunno… we’ll see.

Boston – Day 1

It took way too long to get here (30 minute delay, 5.5 hour flight, 1.5 waiting in the airport prior to delay) but at least I got some sleep on the flight. Watched some more West Wing. Michael’s friends and girlfriend are all cool. Played beer pong and smoked in the garden area of the boston common. It appears that’s where all Emerson students go as we saw 3 other groups there, all about 5 people or more. Pretty silly. The school is tiny, like 6 buildings, all high rises. The dorms are nice but security is intense. Food looks crappy but haven’t eaten it yet. Ate a shitty burrito and some good late-night New York pizza. Went to sleep. Hoping to see Trey Parker and Matt Stone speak today with Mikey and his friends however it may be a bit tricky given that I need to be an Emerson student. Hopefully it’ll be as easy as at Wash U to get me in but who knows.